What is the point?

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

It has been a while since my last post, but I have needed time to reflect on my life.
I haven’t actually achieved any life clarity, but I am more aware that I want to do more with my life. My current career is desperately meaningless!

Since changing my lifestyle I have been more concerned with giving meaning to my existence.

As humans we are pretty much a wasted creation. We contribute nothing to the planet, we just destroy all that lies before us. We are so proud that we destroy forests worldwide and we are so excited that we breed animals for pets, food, clothes and testing. We don’t see that the world would still function without us!

I work in an organisation that encourages zombie mentality, creating generation of mindless drones copying the negatives instead of the positives from our past.

We are destroying the only planet that we have and don’t seem to care as long as someone is making a lot of money! But What is money when civilisation is crumbling? Food is becoming scarce, do you look for paper money? What is paper money, but a tree that has been destroyed for us ‘humans’ to use!

Yes this is a very heavy post for my first in so many months, but I am angry because I am forced to rely on money. I cannot live off-grid and work the land for my food… Someone owns the land and the energy that I want to use. I need a lot of money to live, because I have to pay to exist!

One day we will allow ourselves to pay for the air we breathe!

Life is about getting someone rich and keeping everyone poor, so we are trapped in jobs we hate and paying for a life wasted!


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