Life on Earth

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
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As I write this post the sun is shining bright in the sky and I feel like the pressures of life are so irrelevant. Why are we encouraged to put so much effort in all things that are so meaningless because the 1% want to increase their millions. If we go far enough back into human existence I wonder if we ever worked as a community or we were always trying to one up our neighbours?

I have recently been interesting the tiny house community that has become popular in America. I am actually very envious because here in the UK it is very difficult to get a plot of land and build a tiny house. The problem is all the restrictions that face us and also being such a small island it won’t be long before big development companies take the surrounding land and create the concrete jungles we are used to seeing.

Speaking to my spouse, it would be better to buy a home with a big garden and rent the big house, building our tiny sustainable house in the garden. This is such a great idea, but I still have my reservations about getting planning permission. I have so much research to do!

Life is all about breaking through the red tape to live a sustainable, Eco-friendly life. Why is it so wrong to want to live by renewable means rather than destroying our planet?

On the Internet there is a post that is circling: 

“The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. Scaling to 46 years, humans have been here 4 hours, the industrial revolution began 1 minute ago, and in that time we’ve destroyed more than half the world’s forests.”
— Greenpeace

If we think about how long we as humans have existed it really isn’t long, but in that short time we are killing this very old planet. This planet has been sustain gin life for billions of years and in the blink of an eye we are killing it. we consider ourselves intelligent life, but we can’t even live in harmony with one another. 

We love looking into the past and figuring out life before we existed, but our existence has been to the detriment of our Mother Earth!


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