Caged Existence

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

I think as humans who want to live forever we need to open our eyes…

When you hear about individuals being sued by a big corporation, then they clearly have something to hide… They clearly are not working in the best interest of their customers or human longevity!

I write this because I watched a documentary called Plastic Paradise and an activist trying to encourage people to use less plastic products is being sued by the plastics industry. I have made a concious effort to minimise my use of plastic because of waste and health problems that is caused by plastic. We look to the skies to find a planet to escape to, but why don’t we just save the planet we have?

I am all for space exploration, but when it seems that we are going to abandon our home planet I get very sentimental. We are destroying a planet that has existed for 4.6 billion years, we have existed for merely a blink of an eye, but we have certainly made our mark!

I was watching a news report about the Pangolin becoming extinct, and it was sad that a harmless creature is dying out because of humans. 

When I became Vegan many people said to that animals eat each other… Then I realised that we as humans think we are the most intelligent beings on the planet, but we are not! I say we are not because animals haven’t mass breed if food and become obese… They can go for days without a meal… Humans have not struggled to find food for years… Because we have it locked in cages ready for slaughter!

We allow big corporation to dictate what is safe for us and they get richer from our ignorance. We don’t force them to disclose safety results or even question whether safety tests have been done! We rely on the media to do our research and we trust that they are working in our best interest, but many times the story changes because scientists finally wise up and investigate and the truth surfaces. We are told so many half truths, but never seek to get the whole truth. We are afraid of the big bad corporation because they have the money and the resources, but this is why we need to keep the Internet uncorrupted so we have a place to tell the whole truth!

I am coming across like a hippy activist, but I have been ignorant for many years and finally I’m waking up to life. I live in a world very restricted so I work to pay to live a life I’m told is good. But how happy can we be when we are not free? I envy animals because we think that they are stupid and we are intelligent, but they are free and we are caged. We don’t live in harmony, we have too much stress to live within the confines of government rule. We are not allowed to live for free… People who are homeless are consider scum of the earth but those who have chosen the life don’t pay to live and have broken free of their shackles.

I am not strong enough to move out of my home and onto the streets and I’m not expecting anyone else to, but I am hoping it would make you think about your outgoings. What do you pay for in your daily life and why do we have to pay for everything? We have the means for renewable, free energy, but instead we drain our planet for limited options that are then sold to make a profit for a big organisation! 

As I plan to reduce my waste and improve my quality of life, but for the sake of human community I want to share my thoughts with others. Our lives should have more meaning than to make 1% of the world richer!


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