I’m Just a Girl!

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

I write my blog to appeal to males and females, but today I realise that I need to focus on a very feminine topic. I still feel that this will benefit both sexes, but if the idea of periods freaks you out then firstly you should not be female and you should not date a female!

Firstly I want to bring up the point about the female body…

As a women we are a sexual object, our body has lost all meaning but to be the focus of a man’s sexual desires (or woman’s depending on your sexual orientation). Every human body has a function, but we have limited the female body into just purely a sex toy. If a woman chooses to present herself as a sexual object, that is wrong. If she decides to hide her body away, she is wrong. As a woman we have no say in how we present our bodies.

A project called Free The Nipple, came under fire because people found it hard to view the female breast as just a body part. They felt that they had to make very negative comments about the whole project and the female whose picture was used to front the campaign. This negativity only highlights that we have no idea how we as women can be portrayed! When a woman walks the street in a burka, they are being called slaves to the controlling men of their culture, but on the opposite side of the spectrum if a woman bears all, she is encouraging the male sexualisation of women. We just can’t get it right!

Continuing on about the female breasts… Why is breast-feeding so wrong? As a woman we have no say in how we use our body even when we are using it for the actual function they are there for! What I find interesting, is that it is other women that can be the driving force when it comes to bullying other women to conform to their way of thinking, which is usually the male-dominated instruction for women.

I don’t think that women should feel embarrassed about breast-feeding or anything that comes naturally as a woman or mother. This brings me to the topic of periods…

When I was younger I found it so nerve-wracking when I had to go and purchase products for “That Time of the Month”, but as I got older I started to stop caring about other peoples opinions because it was unavoidable. As a woman having your period is a part of life. If you want to be a mother one day then the period is a necessity.

Recently I heard about an artist Rupi Kaur, who used a photograph of a period stain on the back of her pants while in bed and a stain on her bed… This photo was posted on Instagram. Instagram removed the photo because they stated it didn’t follow their community guidelines. The photo was removed twice by Instagram, but following a tumblr post about this issue by Rupi, hordes of tumblr followers created an Internet uproar and forced Instagram to reinstate both photos that had been deleted.

This made me quite annoyed, because there have been many times growing up that I have had period accidents and having such a stigma surrounding something so natural seems pointless. A child wetting themselves when they are potty training isn’t considered disgusting or wrong, it’s natural. A man can shit, fart and go topless and that is okay, but women can’t do any of those things and she can’t even have her period or feed a hungry baby unless under a blanket hidden from prying eyes!

So often we have to explain or justify being a woman and I think it should stop! A woman is not dirty because she has periods… because if she didn’t she would not be a woman! Breasts are for feeding babies… they do not offend and they are not for the sole purpose of pleasing men sexually!

The female form has so much stigma surrounding it and that needs to change! Lets make it okay to be a woman!!


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