Changes for a Happy Life

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Uncategorized
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My blogging has been very slack lately, but life has been getting me down. My hubby and I are keen to escape the rat race and live a free (or as close to free) life. We are thinking of the van life and travelling around Europe and possible go all the way to Asia.

As humans we consider ourselves so superior, but we limit our freedom and our longevity on Earth. We work for the majority of our lives, only to get nothing. Most people never leave their home town or travel out of their own country. We are destroying a planet we have never really explored and by the time our children’s, children’s children inherit the Earth all the beauty could be lost!

I love animals and the idea that we think we are prolonging our lives by taking the lives of all the animals that inhabit the planet is plain stupid! We kill animals for clothing, food and even medical remedies and worst still experimentations. We cut down trees (a source of life) to make paper, furniture and anything else that can be deemed irrelevant. We pave over grass and planets for our roads and walkways, but we forget that when it is all gone we will struggle to survive. 

I hope my hubby and I can achieve our escape from the rat race to be able to see the wonders of the world before they are no more. We humans believe all vacant land should be inhabited with giant brink houses that destroy the landscape just for it to exist. We create giant eye sores for our viewing pleasure instead of enjoying the natural beauty.

I am no activist and my knowledge about everything environmental is limited, but I love this planet I call home and I want it to be around for generations, but without the polluted air and sea.


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