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We have given ourselves the false understanding that to strive we must destroy. We drive cars because it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, but at what cost? We build giant houses and skyscrapers, because they mean growth and stability; to what end will we destroy nature?

There are renewable sources that we as humans can use to grow our increasing population, but we are too afraid to change. This fear is based on financial gains!

Those who are making millions, if not billions from non-renewable energy are too afraid of financial losses and the human class system changed for all to be equal. We are all connected, not just to one another but to every living organism.

We treat everything that is different as expendable, but our connection will undoubtedly become our downfall!

This is a free documentary film called Home; the bases of this film is to bring about change and understanding about our current understanding of growth. This documentary film explains what we are doing to the planet that we call Home.

As people from the west we must take the lead because most countries follow our lead. They use the western values as a standard to aim for. 

When all the resources are gone, it will be too late to fix the problems that we created. We waste so much without thought for what impact it causes for our future. There are already places that have been effected, but as they are considered third world we don’t see it as effecting us in the west, but it will!

We will not be spared from the devastation, but we will find it the hardest to survive because we are so used to luxury. We live in our heated homes, with easy access to electricity, water and food; but if that were to all be gone, how will we cope?

This is a subject we can not ignore, because sooner more likely that later we will be faced with the loss of all we are used to.

People are already looking and supplying renewable energy sources, we just need to make it much more popular. It can change or relationship with nature and each other. 

Our compassion for life over financial gain, is what will save us!


As part of my move to blog more and gain some direction for my blog, I have bought my domain name: The me at the end signifies ‘me’, as this blog is predominately about me, my life and the not so interesting changes it seems to go through as I figure out what and where my life is going.

So to bring about more of change on where things are going, I have decided to begin my own garden of fruit and vegetables. I am definitely not a green finger, as I have killed most plants put into my care I’m hoping that I can improve. I have found some starter kits that are sold on Amazon, but am yet to purchase them. This may seem small but I hate watching my plants die, I may eat plans but I don’t want them to die meaninglessly. If I can improve my gardening skills then I’ll be able to grove my own veg instead of buying. This is a much better move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

I have also been looking at travelling to do some wwoofing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming), this would certainly improve my green fingers and hopefully introduce me to people who can help with organic farming. Even though my garden will be very minimal due to living in a city, I can still learn from bigger organic farmers communities.

I have started an Open University course (I use the term course loosely, it is more like information); but it has really opened my mind up to the real possibilities of living more sustainably. When I have finished the courses (yes, there are more than one) I will post an update on my findings and any life changes that have occurred as a result.

This was a shorter update as not much has been going on, but hopefully more ramblings will be on the way.