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Totally freaking out, in my last post I mentioned my and my hubby’s plans to escape the rat race and now we are planning on the ways in which we can finance our life on the road and I feel useless.

My hubby is a tradesman and can pretty much do anything handy, but I am an office worker with no practical skills. I never worked in a store or pub/bar and all my jobs have been office based sat in front of a computer screen. There are no skills I can even see myself learning!

I am great with planning for this trip and buying all the things we need for being on the road, but once we have given up our lives… I am dead weight!

My hubby had been looking at making money online and it brought a terrifying realisation to me, which is my lack of direction with my blogs. I have never made any attempts to structure my blogs because I started to increase my writing confidence because as a youngster I wanted to be a writer but the thought of people reading things I had written made me literally sick to the stomach.

Now, my blogs are a place for me to document changes within my life that I feel could help or relate to others and just rants about society. There is no consistency and no target market; there is also no structure to when I post a new blog because my mind can be so blocked that finding a regular schedule can be hard for me to stick to.

I am not here today to whine about my lack of direction or my perceived failings, but as a place to start. I am hoping to change the direction of this blog. It will be more similar to my Earlier blog posts, but with a slight twist.

I am not a Christian again, but I can’t escape my need and desire for God, also I believe that we are all connected to the universe and meditation/mindfulness can really change ones focus on what is worth living for. This is why this post seems so reflective because I am in a reflective mood. I am completely planning to disrupt my life and put myself in a world of the unknown and I want to make sure that this blog is in a state to document my ups and downs.

For now I am logging off and hopefully my next blog post will arrive soon and will include information on consistency regarding when posts will be uploaded.


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