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Posted: August 22, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have been watching a French documentary series on Netflix called Vu Du Ciel “Earth From Above” this has cemented my desire to change my lifestyle for the good of the Planet.

I am getting rid of my excess and bringing more reusable, sustainable products in. I have never really thought about my personal impact on the planet, but after watching the documentary I realise that what I think is small is actually a big issue some where else. Even my buying a pair of faded jeans impacts a third world country extensively. So I have given myself a challenge to become more Eco-Friendly in my daily life. I have already through Etsy bought some unpaper towels to reduce my use of kitchen tissues. 

AthenaCreates Etsy Shop

This is a set I bought to replace the disposable paper towels that I was using, they work so well and easy to clean by throwing them into the washing machine or wash by hand (if you are conserving energy). I also added reusable shopping bags to my Eco existence, which have been very useful to reduce my use of plastic bags.


Reusable Shopping Bag from Ebay

My hubby was not very keen on my first steps to Eco friendly living because I was swapping out as much of our plastic utensils and containers as I could. But he has been watching a few of the documentaries that I have been watching and is starting to understand my desire for change. The environmental impact that plastic causes is so scarily dramatic, that I have moved to having either glass or stainless steel where possible. My hubby and I abandoned our microwave about a year ago when we went vegan, so that has not been in use for some time.

I do hope to reduce my carbon footprint as much as I can now, before we even consider the van life or any moves away from our security of our current lifestyle. The less we consume now the more money we save and the reality of leaving the rat race become less of a dream.

On a different note; I expected by now to have a fixed day to continue with my updates, but it will still be on an ad hoc basis as I am still trying to find my feet with life changes and a blog direction.  So at present I will continue to use this blog as my place to rant and rave, but I will include some of my life updates.


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