I Bought a Domain Name

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Uncategorized
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As part of my move to blog more and gain some direction for my blog, I have bought my domain name: http://unmarkedwords.me. The me at the end signifies ‘me’, as this blog is predominately about me, my life and the not so interesting changes it seems to go through as I figure out what and where my life is going.

So to bring about more of change on where things are going, I have decided to begin my own garden of fruit and vegetables. I am definitely not a green finger, as I have killed most plants put into my care I’m hoping that I can improve. I have found some starter kits that are sold on Amazon, but am yet to purchase them. This may seem small but I hate watching my plants die, I may eat plans but I don’t want them to die meaninglessly. If I can improve my gardening skills then I’ll be able to grove my own veg instead of buying. This is a much better move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

I have also been looking at travelling to do some wwoofing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming), this would certainly improve my green fingers and hopefully introduce me to people who can help with organic farming. Even though my garden will be very minimal due to living in a city, I can still learn from bigger organic farmers communities.

I have started an Open University course (I use the term course loosely, it is more like information); but it has really opened my mind up to the real possibilities of living more sustainably. When I have finished the courses (yes, there are more than one) I will post an update on my findings and any life changes that have occurred as a result.

This was a shorter update as not much has been going on, but hopefully more ramblings will be on the way.


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