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Still on the topic from my previous post regarding my journey of discovery through Spirit Science.

I always have dreams where I am someone else; I know this person is not the me I am today, but the physical form is someone else. I have even seem myself (my true current form) in a dream when I was someone else. I am always conscious about being me inside, but the outer form is different from me sort of like Quantum Leap… Some people may not be aware of that show so here is a clip which will help:

Ok so that may seem weird, but all the videos I have been watching has made me question all the things that I took for granted and thought were just a part of my weirdness. Is my dreams anything to do with lucid dreaming? Most of the time I remember long after I have woken up the content of my dreams; even to the point that I never forget.

In a dream once, I was a guy in a room, but that is the most I remember because it didn’t last long as I was yelled awake, like being pushed out of the body I was in. The voice shouted “Get Out!”; while a male face came at me very ghost like (opaque), so close that I could feel the aggression forcing me out of the body. I shot awake, very fearful of what happened and my heart was racing to an extent that I had to calm myself. I felt like I had been intruding in someone else’s body. I have never before or since had another dream or encounter like this.

This was hard to put into words, but I have finally put it out there…

So the reason I have decided to post this was mainly to get perspective; with all this awakening and the talk of astral projection and lucid dreaming, I’m feeling like there must be others out there who have similar dreams or has an understanding of this type of dream.

Astral Projection was another thing that has come up within this journey and I wondered whether in the astral world, people can meet other current living beings? 

This is can all sound a little crazy and I hope I am not going crazy, but I believe there is more to life than going to work to make money to get a mortgage to pay bills for the rest of your life. We must have a higher purpose for existing and I want to find out what that is… Even if I don’t like where that takes me!


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