Why Die Alone

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
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We as people are too busy, so busy that we don’t have time for life. We work for five days, 30 hours a week if not more and then cram as much as we can into two days. At present I am sat alone in my sitting room, by choice, but I decided to give my brain a rest from all the spirituality and watch some mind numbing TV shows. This brought me to a documentary about a 38 year old woman who was found in her bedsit dead.

Her body was extremely decomposed and had been laying the bedsit undiscovered for 3 years. This programme was about her life before death and trying to find an understanding as to how or why she met her end so alone and uncared for.

This woman seemed to have lead an amazing life before her death and it got me thinking, there could be many cases like this. Unfortunately this has hit the headlines probably due to her age, but the amount of elderly people that are alone as I type with no family or friends to speak of.

As a human species what are our desires for the future? A child does not ask to be born, but there future as a slave is mapped out upon their birth. They will never know freedom, even those that are born in wealth are slaves to that wealth. As a species we are slaves to the development that we feel that we have created, but inside I feel our treatment of animals is our anguish. We despise there freedom, so we enslave them as we are slaves or we kill them for our own gains.

If we look at our own history, we can see that all advancements in free energy or sustainable energy sources are halted until a long term monetary solution has been found for those in power. We as humans will never live is harmony with each other or this land we call home.

I always wonder when in history we decided that eating animals were a must and when that moved to trading, which in turn lead to stealing… This for me was the fall of humanity.

This is a idea of human beginnings, I am not sure that I can believe this, but I like the idea. Not because I am a woman, but because it Give me hope that we can become compassionate once again.

This is all very far fetched, but one day we as a species, will I hope one day live a full and compassionate existence. All seek love, but giving it so freely is not so easy.

There are four kinds of love: agape, phileo, storge & Eros.

Agape — unconditional love, God for mankind

Phileo — brotherly love, or love that exists between close friends.

Storge — Love that grows between family members.

(Only these three are mentioned in the Bible Eros has no mention at all.)

Eros — A special intimate love between just two people for life; not to be shared or thrown about as is the trend today.

This quote was found during a Church service one years ago, but now we use the word love so freely. We love our pets, but love eating lambs; we love our spouse, but love to have affairs; we love being free, yet love being slaves to money.

One day we shall be free and when that day comes we shall look back and wonder why we were so detached from one another. We would find a story like that of Joyce Carol Vincent as unbelievable, because we would become a community of love.

The monetary system that we have created and allow to thrive is the cause of love being deminished. We strive to make so much money to feel secure, that when we fail or lose it all, we struggle to love those around us. This sentiment also applies to those that make money or reach success, with all the good intentions on their way up; so quickly they forget about compassion and love as they enjoy all they have got. Security does not replace friendship, love and community.

This is all my opinion and ramblings but on a deeper level I do hope that the need for money with one day be no more and we can truly live free as a global community. With all people equal!


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