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Life is so short… We are born and we strive for a success based on pieces of paper to purchase things that will make people think that we have achieved our desires.

We have a very short time on Earth and we waste it becoming what someone else wants, instead of enjoying our time here. We have stressful jobs that take up all our time and then we save for old age hoping that we live that long. 

Finding the freedom to live is hard because we do not choose to be born, but that day we are, suddenly we are forced into an existence of expectation. We attend schools that mould us into workers and we destroy our own desires and dreams. Our freedom is lost in the chaos of slavery living. We earn money to buy our own existence. Instead of creating an existence based on community of family and friends.

When we die, all our possessions stay here on Earth while we no longer exist, but all the we have done seems irrelevant. We are so focused on hoarding things that we forget what really keeps us immortal and that is our family! Our family and the memories they have of us keeps us alive through stories they tell; If you are not around while you are alive, then there will be stories for them to remember you by.

What would you see if your life flashed before your eyes?

The more I read books by Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle or Osho I find I’m struggling to relate to this life that I’m forced to lead. I see my life fading rapidly before my eyes and all I have done is work to achieve the success based on standards I have not set for myself. The enjoyment that I have always wanted for my life is an illusion, because my dream doesn’t fit with societies expectations. 

What is the purpose of our perceived intelligence if we are spending all our time locked up in a building trying to make 1% of the population richer. What about the contributions we can have that are not financial?

I think as humans we need to think about our purpose, what we are here (alive) to achieve?