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In or Out

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Uncategorized
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So I thought I would write a post about my concerns regarding the debates about leaving the EU. I have been sat on the fence from the start and now am leaning very heavily on ‘Staying In’. Most of the Exit arguments have made me think that  we will be worse off if we leave. I am a rambler so I hope I can structure this post well, but here are my concerns:

I took to twitter after the Sky News EU Debates, hoping that I would get some clearer understanding of the benefits to Leave the EU. Unfortunately, all those telling me to have faith and to just vote Exit did not help. I need facts not examples of countries not in the EU that have terrible human rights issues and poverty. We are protected by the EU as humans and without them the rich and poor divide will be devastating and that is my guess based on the countries not in the EU… USA, Russia, China, etc., just look!

I am not claiming to have the answers because I don’t. I am not an expert on the EU or politics, but I care about the future of my family. Most people only care about the personal impact it has on them, which is fine, but I like to look at the bigger picture.

Also the EU have tried to enforce fairer working rights for women… could this change if we leave the EU because currently women that are pregnant are entitled to maternity leave and pay. What protection will women have? In the USA they do not give women maternity pay and they are fighting for this to change, we no longer have to fight we have it.

If we leave the EU will the UK still have EEA status or will we be completely out of the EU? Also I am not a big fan of the Euro (€) currency and the Pound (£) is stronger, so the idea that we could be forced to take on the Euro(€) by 2020 is a positive for the Brexit campaign. Again if we still partipate in the EEA we will still have to pay the EU and it could be more than we pay now. So does that mean we must cut ties completely until a mutual trade deal can be agreed?

I understand why those who want to exit the EU are very passionate, but the immigration argument does not sway me. Immigration happens everywhere, we Brits are just as good at being immigrants, but we call ourselves expats. So for me that is not enough to exit the EU, I need to have a different approach.

Also those who are stating that the stay campaign is scaremongering, the same goes for the leave campaign as they are dividing the country based on racism. Using immigration to argue to leave the EU is forcing people to look at their neighbour and think are they foreign? Do they belong here? Are they getting any handouts from the government? This approach scares me, because I don’t have the Britsh white skin, but I was born in the UK and am very proud of my country. I have no affiliation with any other country but the UK. 

It does intrigue me the idea of leaving the EU, but it is mainly to see how Britain copes. Will we be able to avoid a recession, will more jobs be created and can we rebuild our manufacturing industry?

This is probably going to bet he biggest issue for my lifetime, but I hope that the right decision is made regardless of whether we stay or leave the EU.