The Women of the Iron Throne

Posted: September 4, 2017 in Uncategorized
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I absolutely love Game of Thrones, but it took me having to catchup before the start of season 3 as I did not think that I was going to enjoy it. Despite all the nudity, which I thought would make me get all feminist I persevered and realised that the nudity was tolerable. Now as I catchup with season 7, I realise that it depicts the strength of women. (<i>I will not include any spoilers, but if I do I shall let you know</i>)

From season 1 the true advisors even though portrayed as lesser, were the women; whether they be wives, mother or even whores (<i>I use this term for effect, as it derogatory</i>). The men in power or in a senior position seemed to turn to a women during times of advisement or mental conflict. When the men do not listen to the women or push them aside, it can result in disaster. <b>Which brings me to another point that can be read as a spoiler so beware…</b>

It is becoming a battle of women with Cersei and Khaleesi at the forefront, as excessively strong and powerful women. 

Also many of the survivors are more likely women.

I will not express anymore than that as I will be moving into spoiler territory and this will be a nice teaser for those not wanting to watch and those catching up. 

Television is starting to portray women as more than a side piece and more of a central character. Even in the real world I believe that women play a vital role in a mans life and can become his champion. Also women in their own right are proving to be champions. You just have to look at women’s world sports championships.

Women are the true power… In my opinion.


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