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So I try not to be so aggressive when it comes to my vegan lifestyle, but recently so many (mainly celebrities) are getting under my skin.

Vegan vs Plant Based

Being vegan means you take nothing from an animal. It is not a diet but a complete lifestyle change.

Having a plant based diet; is exactly that… a diet. You are not changing anything but what you eat.

There are too many (mainly celebrities) that keep exclaiming that they have gone vegan, but what they really mean is that they have gone plant based.

Too many (mainly celebrities) are using veganism to boost their popularity, but it actually just annoys me and makes them look shallow.

Going vegan is a big decision and is usually triggered by some animal abuse that just pushes you over the edge or like most people I’ve seen, were vegetarian and moved to veganism because they felt they could do more.

I have big respect for all that become vegan to change the planet and protect it.

But it upsets me that because of those seeking popularity are hindering the good that is trying to be done from true vegan activists.

I’m including a link, but I’m going to warn you it has some very disturbing/graphic images of animal cruelty. This is Earthlings and I’m adding it because if you truly care about animals and being vegan, this will impact you.

I watched this and instantly went vegan and that was a lifestyle change not a diet.

Rant over… for now!