Get lost in my world, it changes all the time.

My mind is a crazy place, I have so many things going round at the same time. But lucky for me I haven’t gone completely insane… Instead I write down some of the things that have passed through my mind!

I am very different from my real world self… Online I am able to vent/rant, stand up for what i believe in… BUT unfortunately the real me is a major push over, keeps all opinions to myself & would never dream of hurting anyones feelings… I just take to the motto of “If you can’t say anything nice, DON’T say anything at all!”
Not a good stance to take sometimes, but I don’t allow myself to rock the boat!

OK, Well I’m painting such a dreary view of my real-life self…

Online I feel free… People can say what they want (within reason) & everyone can have their say. Acceptance isn’t important because we are all sharing something.

This blog is my mind, my brain storms… When I feel I want to share my view on things that have happened in life or society!

I welcome everyone, BUT I DON’T welcome abuse… Opinions here are my own. Comments are welcomed, because these are not about facts, but opinions & thoughts.

Voices are to be heard whatever the platform!


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