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When I look at the people that speak about being enlighten or woke; they are usually men and I was wondering why men find it so easy to be in the present moment and believing the ideology of nothing is real but a creation of speaking into ones existence.

I realized that personally I find the idea scary.

I have just become a mother and the idea that in my death I will no longer remember my child or the life I have just left, frightens me. My mortality has become a real issue for me and I live in hope that when I die, I will not forget this experience.

When people talk about reincarnation I find that it must mean that our old life is forgotten. Some people even talk about us being one with the universe but they never talk about an experience of love for the people they have known in their lifetime.

So the reason why I am writing this post was due to a video I watched on YouTube.

At 2:38 of the video a woman explains her near death experience and I realize that I’ve had a similar story. I never forgot the experience but I didn’t realize that I had a near death experience until I listened to her story.

This made me think about my daughter and if I were to die will I remember my love for her?

Throughout life whether we join a religion or not, there is a collective question:

What happens when we die?

We are very unlikely to get an answer to this question but i do belive that dying is quite peaceful. (from my near death experience.)


Waiting for God

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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At the final stages of life can we really repent and all is forgiven?

I used to think that living a good life will make me blessed, but as I grew in my faith I began feeling that life was irrelevant and death was the true gift. What is a life if you pray for death?

Since walking away from the bonds of church and the Christian faith I fail to find meaning in life, still death is more valuable. Life is boring regardless of filling time with things to do, even travelling the works can only bring brief satisfaction.

Charity work people say makes them feel fulfilled, but it cannot fill my void as all I see is need and no sight for change. We give our time and money, but there is still so much room for more charities to begin because the need just gets greater. What is life when we bow down to the corporate greed and corrupt leaders. We are all hostages in our lives whether we live in poverty or wealth.

I watch as people fight for fame, fortune and high society; but if they achieve it, then what? Are they satisfied? I doubt it, because the race it much more exciting then then finish.

So this brings me back to my faith in God. Is our life a journey to death and those who find satisfaction have finished the race too soon. They now wait for those lagging behind to finish before the medals can be awarded, but while they wait they get bored and frustrations rise.

We are never real with people anymore because we fear our achievements can be stolen, even by those we consider close to us. We forget that when we die, it dies with us, so it is all meaningless and as a young Christian I was right to be weary of life, but we miss out of life’s hipness because we are always busy trying to become more, then living for the memories.

It is so easy to focus on the material things of this world but they will not last. If we have a life after death, the stuff, achievements and anything we hold so dear will not be coming with us.

If there is a God, then there is a Heaven and if we just have to ask for forgiveness and believe in Jesus, then we can all go to Heaven. Those that have even committed the worst crimes, to those who have lives a perfectly honest life; we are all equal in death!